Open to Abundance

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Open to Abundance

They say inflation’s here now,

Your dollar easily spent, 

Gas and groceries top the list,

For many it’s the rent. 

Soon heating bills will come, too,

Utilities on the rise,

Insurance and its profiteers,

With them no compromise. 

Drugs and health related,

Also take their share,

The kids need shoes and clothes, too,

Then there’s that car repair.

Technology will take its bite,

TV, computer, phone, 

How will the pay check stretch here? 

Then there’s payment on the  loan!

I see your situation,

I see your pain, your fright, 

Turn to Me for guidance,

Love will make things right. 

Place your hand in mine, dear, 

Know that I deeply care, 

Open to My guidance, 

We’ll find the answers, there. 

I tell you that abundance,

You’ll find within with Me,

Love in all, its plenty, 

Restores sweet harmony. 

Your needs will soon be met, dear,

If love is allowed to reign, 

Its function to renew there, 

In all ways you will gain. 

Let peace be welcomed in, dear,

Breathe easy and be still,

Needs will be met abundantly,

My Love will fill the bill. 

10/15/22. Given from Jesus.  Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.