About Free Will

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  From One Who Loves You 

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 62

Why did God give us free will if what he wants is for us is to follow his will, to yield to him? Why would he give us this gift if he wants us to give it up to his own will? This seems a mystery, so let me explain it to you. If he hadn’t given us free will, he might as well have created robots, automatons, there. He might as well have created what could only be called servants, slaves, or a class of beings without knowledge of what freedom is really like. 

Remember, he created humankind with his meaning. He imbues humankind with the meaning he has for himself which is living love. Living love is free and is not constricted in its movement, but flows with purpose, setting all things right. God’s will then can be said to be the unconstricted movement of living love flowing freely and fully in and through all of creation. Its action is unbounded renewal and transformation, throughout eternity. 

Now if you decide you want to use your free will to do a little exploring on you own without connection there, without joining with Me, you are able to do that. God does not have a ‘take away’ clause in your life’s contract. He will not take away your free will ever. It is a sovereign gift, a legacy gift that is yours. 

But we know that life is a learning experience, and you will learn from what unfolds there, for you. You will learn that using your separated mindset, your ego mindset, closes the door to the transcendent, and now randomness occurs, happenstance, and a ‘roll the dice’ outcome. Now fear rears its head and defenses are setup for self protection there, as vulnerability is experienced as you are cut off from the lifeline, the Divine Source of life, your true identity there. 

You will delight to run back to Me, to your Father, and to the joined mindset as the treachery of separation is experienced, again and again. You will learn and you will feel gratitude that you have discovered where your mindset should be and how you should live, there. It is like being lost without a compass, or adrift without a rudder, or without eyes to see. It is that serious, dear one, it is that serious. In our next chapter we will discuss why taking this book and these writing seriously is what is called for there. This is given for you with the deepest love possible and know that you are never alone. 

Choose for Truth

Separation exists there, 

Only in your mind,

A mindset you have chosen,

Self-willed, installed, defined. 

It’s there, a sly marauder, 

With cunning it will spin,

A tale that you are threatened,

With it, alone, you win. 

This ego is a liar,

Portrays itself as real,

A thief with one objective,

Your identity to steal. 

It has no grounds in truth there,

No Presence can there be, 

Will whimper as you open,

And join within to Me. 

Without your use it’s cut off,

Its spin will cease to be, 

The scratchy noise of nothingness, 

Is gone—at last your free! 

The Mindset given to you,

From God, so very near,

Connects you to, directly,

God’s meaning’s felt, so clear. 

You have free will to choose, dear,

How you will use your Mind,

God forces not His Children,  

Wants you, His Love, to find.

This Love is who you are, dear,

God’s meaning’s there for you,

Awakening to Oneness, 

This Love comes shining through. 

A Love beyond compare, dear,

Its function’s to renew,

To heal, redeem, transform, there,

God’s powerhouse in you. 

I’m here to guide you fully,

Your Friend, your Counsellor, too, 

Join Me in Mind right now, dear. 

I’m waiting here for you. 

In closing let Me tell you, 

What you have surely known,

I am with you always, 

You are not alone! 


11/24/22.Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of  this website.