Fervent Zeal

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Fervent Zeal

Lord, my love for You is urgent,

Nowhere I’d rather be,

Then joined with You in union, 

Here lies my rhapsody. 

With You, I feel my safety,

With You, I feel my best,

With You, my joy is amplified,

With You, I am at rest.

Without You, I’m a traveler,

Lost alone to roam,

Nowhere to put my head down,

No place to call my home. 

With You, my breath is easy,

Relaxed, I feel deep peace,

All sense of fear is gone now,

Ego’s taunts now cease. 

You open up my mind, Lord,

Transcendent Mind, comes clear,

One with Source, my truth there, 

Loves melody, I hear.

So on this Sunday morning,

I pledge to You, my soul,

Of You alone I’ll witness, 

Awakening all, our goal. 

Now’s the time to listen, 

To how it can be done, 

Only as God wills it,

Will people learn they’re One. 

And so I give to You, Lord,

My heart, my mind, my all,

With fervent zeal connected,

I’m answering your call.

I’ll move to tell the others,

That you’re directly there within,

And as they ask in peace, Lord

Transformation will begin. 

In closing I commit, Lord, 

To listen and follow through,

Living love will lead the way,

I give my life to You.

11/27/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.