Christmas Blessings 2022

Sunday, December 25, 2022

~ Why I Was Born ~

A Christmas Poem

I came into the world,

So very long ago,

Love, it was the reason,

God wanted you to know,

That you are deeply loved there,

Alone, you’ll never be,

You’re One with your Creator,

You’re One inherently.  

I came to tell you good news,

I came to set you free,

You’re innocent, not guilty,

Redeemed through love from Me. 

I came to be a witness, 

So you would comprehend, 

Resurrection’s lesson,

That life, it has no end! 

Willingly,  I came there,

I came to help the earth, 

Awaken to its Oneness, 

Through love, bring a rebirth.  

So at this Christmas season, 

Remember who you are,

You’re One with your Creator,

You are His shining star!

Turn within and find Me  

I’m joined in Mind with you, 

We’ll live from your Transcendence, 

We’ll let God’s will shine through. 

Love, it was the reason,

A gift beyond compare,

Open up to Me within, 

God’s Christmas gift to share. 

Inspired by Jesus, Christmas 2022

With Love in the Oneness, Randi

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