Embrace The New Unfolding

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Embrace The New Unfolding

Search not your memory banks, dear, 

For what, each day, to do,

Rather join with Me, within, 

Let authentic self come through. 

Habitual behavior, 

Limits possibility,

Listen for the newness,

Of your Transcendency. 

I’m here to open to you,

Your true heredity,

The Mindset of your Wholeness,

Is there authentically!

Why tread in old stale waters,

When streams, afresh, wait you?

Why settle for what’s already been,

Instead of what’s brand new?

I’m encouraging you to venture,

With Me. Let’s take the helm,

And find a new beginning,

Where Love pervades the realm. 

The old has served its purpose,

No longer needed there, 

Move on to greener pastures,

Gone staleness and despair. 

The new is right before you,

Open your eyes to see,

What God’s great love has given,

Renewed, in joy, are we! 

So as this old year closes,

Let go and don’t delay,

Embrace the new unfolding,

Love lights our perfect way! 

 12/21/22. Given from Jesus.  Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.