Life is a joint responsibility...

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

From With Love in the Oneness

Chapter 84 

Let’s join as One, together. No more is there ‘singularity’ in living. Life is a joint adventure and carries with it joint responsibility. Yours, to be the listener and the follower, and mine, to bring the Father’s Will to you. You need never carry the responsibility of life on your own shoulders there, for it is a joint adventure to partake in. You have not been placed on earth to go it alone, ever. This is not the way of your Father and it surely is not the way that would bring about happiness and joy — these being your birth right to experience. 

You see, dear one, happiness and joy are wrapped up in relationship, always — relationship with me, with your others, and with the Spiritual Wholeness of you. Know that even if you are a solitary one, I am with you, and your joy and happiness can be fully shared with me. We are in it together all the way! 

I would encourage you to start and end each day, verifying and validating My Presence there with you. Review our time together each day, and remember the times you asked for my help in even the little things. Remember the little decisions that were given to you about even the smallest of choices that needed to be made. I was with you as you chose to listen and follow there. 

As we live our lives together, there still will be difficulties to face and tough choices to make. There will still be some pain and some sorrow, for these will not be eradicated because we are together, but the way they are dealt with will be radically different. You will feel great comfort in our togetherness and you will know where to go for answers, there. Turning within to me will be your first choice and we will take it together from there. Our relationship is the key to your joyful living, dear one, it is the key! Now let us look at another benefit of our relationship. 

Clarion Call for Joining

Directly I’m available,

No password do you need,

No call for a subscription,

No agreement sheet to read.

No dollars are required,

No hidden cost, no fee, 

Your info’s sold to no one,

I’m here, secure, and free. 

You need but still your mind, dear, 

Then enter that clear space,

Where we can join together, 

Our quiet, sacred, place. 

Just ask that I will join you,

Your willingness is key, 

I never will just drop on in, 

Please ask intentionally. 

With clarity you’ll hear, dear,

My words are not obscure,

Like talking on your cell phone, 

You’ll hear My words so clear. 

I’ll answer all your questions,

My words will ring so true,

No longer lost, alone, dear, 

Your best friend’s here for you. 

Love will be the reason,

Love will light each day,

Love will solve all problems, 

You’ll live, in truth, God’s way. 

This poem’s a call for joining,

It’s you I’m asking for, 

I long for you to know Me,

Please open up love’s door. 

We’ll joy as One together, 

Each other now we’ve found,

As One, now and forever, 

With Source, with love, we’re bound. 


12/27/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.