Alive With You In Spirit

Friday, May 20, 2022

Alive With You In Spirit

Focus and attention, 

And clearing of your mind,  

Then asking that I join you,

My Presence there, you’ll find. 

In your imagination,

I’m not a figment there,

Alive with you in spirit,

I give Myself to share.

I’m there because I love you,

This love itself so real,

Functioning to renew you,

Redeem, transform, and heal. 

This love you open up to,

In truth it’s who you are, 

God’s meaning there made manifest,

You are His Shining Star. 

So let your light shine brightly,

I’ll guide you to what’s true,

How you can be a witness,

To let God’s love shine through. 

These words are not just sound bites,

A mystic’s reverie, 

They’re meant to guide you truly,

To bring you home to Me.  

Their purpose here is given,

To unveil your truth, you see,

Divinity is your heritage,

You're perfect, whole, and free. 

We live as One, as family,

God’s offspring All are we, 

Separation cannot happen,

It’s an impossibility.

So focus your attention,

Desire what is true,

I’m waiting here to join you,

My love, I’m here for you! 

5/20/22. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.