Fulfillment is Right Now

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Fulfillment is Right Now

How sweet the words that come my way,

Turning within to You,

I’m overwhelmed with gladness

As Wholeness Mind comes through.

Doubts and worries disappear,

You reassure, ‘All’s fine,’ 

You say relax, let tension go,  

I’m yours and you are mine!

Just let the days unfold, dear,

No need to catastrophise,

As One with Source, together,

We’ll face each new sunrise.

Fulfillment is right now, dear, 

Claim it now so true,

You’re One with Source, your Maker,

God’s meaning, love, is you!

We’ll clear the ego’s pretense,

That claims it’s who you are,

Clear out the walls of defense,

You are God’s shinning star. 

This day let’s share each moment,

Our joy, it will abound, 

And love will light our way there, 

Transcendence all around

Let not your heart be troubled,

Fulfillment’s what is true

Never alone are you, dear, 

I’m there, as One, with you!

6/4/22 Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.