Being an Enlightened Presence...

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Being an enlightened presence means being in tune and in touch with inner guidance. It means aligning one’s mind  to Transcendent Mind which is truly your right mind, dear one. 

It is letting go of willfulness and allowing willingness to hear the Voice for Truth and to follow what comes forth for you. Being an enlightened presence is not an abstract idea nor wishful thinking nor is it impractical in today’s world.  

To be enlightened is to know and understand and to allow for living love to come forth through and as you and to let its healing powers nourish and renew you and those you are involved with. Ultimately, to bless all the Wholeness, the Oneness of whom you are.  

I am not asking for the impossible here. You are not called on to strategize, to plan, nor to think through how love will come through you, but it does call for your intention, your trust, and your openness to listen and follow what you are given to do. Love will get given in ways that you did not think possible and in ways that could appear as “ out of the blue” to use a phrase of your times. Living love is the stuff of miracles, and miracles are to be experienced often or daily there. Be an enlightened presence and join Me within and be that  point of love and light from Source right where you are! I love you dearly, and know that you are never alone.  

 Miracles Every Day!

Today, I write a thank-you poem,

Each day, so much, you give, 

I’m grateful for your guidance, Lord,

With you, in joy, I live. 

I marvel at the unfolding,

You bring the perfect way, 

You answer every calling,

Miracles every day! 

Impossible, the gifts that come, 

Could randomly appear,

Minds as One connected,

God answers need, so clear. 

I know that you are with us,

Entwined with each as One,

Transcendence is our mindset, 

With Love, our work is done.  

Today, my heart spills over, 

I love and honor You,

So grateful for you Presence, 

Your Love makes all things new. 

Miracles are the norm now, 

So often they appear,

I’m humbly grateful, Jesus, 

You bring God’s Love, so clear. 

My response is that I’ll serve you,

Tell others the good news, 

That You are directly there within, 

In peace, for All to choose. 

Choosing you is choosing Life, 

Minds connected there as One, 

Source has never left us, 

By this, His Will is done. 

Living Love, God’s meaning,

Comes forth, it’s who you are,

Pouring forth His radiance,

You are His Shining Star. 

In closing let Me tell you,

I’m here, expectantly,

Waiting for your call, dear,

Come home to Love, to Me!  


1/12/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.