Declaration of Dependence

Friday, January 13, 2023

 Declaration of Dependence

Without you, Lord, I’m just a branch,

Severed from the tree,

My life is only meaningful,

As I stay joined with Thee. 

I declare my soul dependence, Lord,

For meaning, all that’s true,

For love that brings renewal,

I’m dependent, Lord, on you.

There is no other way, Lord,

Naught that the world can give,

Will sever my dependence,

With you only I live.

With you, my thirst for meaning, 

Is quenched beyond compare,

To my spiritual lungs, you giveth,

Through love, renewed fresh air.

Dependent, intertwined, Lord,

We move through life, as Whole,

Universal Mind, our Source, there,

To Awaken All, our goal.

Each one who depends on Me, there,

I’m depending on you, too,

To tell of your dependence, 

And what it’s meant to you. 

Depend on Me, directly,

Not at some other time, 

Now’s the time to turn within, 

Find relationship sublime!

In closing, let Me share again,

The truth love’s light has shown,

I am with you always, 

You are not alone!

01/13/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.