Healing Is Your Birthright

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

From Awakening to Oneness


Everyone on the face of the globe can find within themselves pathways to healing which are necessary until we have given up the conditioned pattern of thinking which allows sickness to exist. 

Mankind will soon come to know that he is the repository of a wealth of know-how that can bring him to perfect health and happiness on all levels of his existence. Contrary to current thinking, physical problems can be ended simply by turning to the within and focusing on that part of the body which is in need of healing and asking for healing. When one quiets his conditioned thinking and gets into that place of the void or clearness he has access to Me, his Divine Healer within. 

We are at the point of development where we can now find new expressions of our Infinitude. Healing of ourselves and others is totally appropriate and within the range of powers we have inherited as our birthright. Each individual will bring to bear his/her unique way of expressing this power. Some will use the spoken word, others touch, and still others will know which substance would be most beneficial. Eventually. sickness will be come the exception to our experience and we will radiate new and vibrant health which is also our birthright. 

There is never a time when we cannot access this power. There is never a time when our abilities to heal cannot be experienced. We must, however, learn to access that information. Our present ways do not allow for the penetration of this know-how to make itself available. We must learn to empty and quiet our minds and ask that healing be claimed as our birthright. 

In the quiet, the knowing will appear, and in the trust and faith that this is what should be experienced, healing occurs. The time frame and the process of the healing are in divine hands and as such will be different than what our conditioned thinking would suggest. It truly is in the trust and the letting go that there could be any other option than to experience healing and to experience our Wholeness, that healing happens. 

Now let us examine in greater depth, the means that will become available. Within the quiet of your Being there exists untold resources of unlimited intelligence. We literally can draw on the intelligence of the universe or the intelligence of All That Is. There are a host of helpers available to work on your condition and to bring about full, abundant health. You may ask this host of helpers in the quiet of your Being to bring about the healing you desire. It is important to remember that you are never alone in this or in anything you do and that your guidance and your connection with the Father are ever with you and ever available to call on.

Healing is Your Birthright

Healing is revealing,

Who you really are,

Perfect, whole, and free, dear,

You are God’s Shining Star. 

Illness with its disruption,

Its imposition rude, 

Will heal when love is brought to bear,

And you will be renewed!

I’m standing at the floodgates,

To open up the spill,

Where love flows forth abundantly,

Washing away all ill. 

Through love, I am the healer,

Your Great Physician, there, 

Transcendent Mind with love will bring,

Its light — to heal, repair.

Love’s energy has function,

God’s meaning shining through,

It function’s to redeem and heal,

And there you are — brand new!

This is not just wishful thinking, 

A simpleton’s sweet dream, 

Healing is your birthright,

Love’s light — a healing stream,

Will bring you back to Wholeness, 

God’s inherent state,

As One with Him you’re perfect, 

And dear, it’s not too late. 

Always, I am with you,

Within, in peace, find Me, 

I am your Great Physician, 

With love, I’ll set you free.

No longer will you be troubled,

In body, mind, or soul,

Radiant joy will fill you,

You’re perfect, free, and whole! 

01/24/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.