Mighty power of living love will assist you...

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Infinite possibility means that you need not be hampered by what appear as roadblocks to achieving your goals. As you look at the landscape, and view what seem as formidable challenges, remember you have the mighty power of living love and its transforming energy there to assist you, guide you, and show you the way.  God did not leave His Own without a way to access this meaning and this transcendent energy. 

God’s meaning, living love, which is substantive in all of creation, brings to bear its capacity to set all things right, heal, redeem and transform according to His Will. You access this by opening to Me in the quiet within. Here, separation is gone, as the  ego, the thinking mindset is released and as you allow for penetration of your Oneness, Universal Mind, to come through. It is in releasing the blocks to your awareness of this Mind of Wholeness  that you will more easily hear this Voice for Truth, this meaning coming through for you.

My work with you will be in helping you come to understand how you have shut off this truth  and how you have developed defenses that serve as roadblocks to moving forward into your infinite and God-given unfolding there. That is why I tell you again and again, to turn inwards to Me, dear one. It is so that the power of living love can redeem you and heal you, renew you at all levels. I love you and what joy we will share together as you find the bliss of our relationship there. Allow your mind to be at peace, then ask that I join you there, and I will let you know that we are connected. Now is the time and within is the place of our togetherness. I love you dearly, and know that you are never alone.  

Living Love  God’s Meaning

We join as One, together.

As One we are at peace,

We share a common meaning,

Changeless, it will not cease.

This meaning is our clearest lamp,

Our light along the way,

And leads us ever onward,

Its vision to portray,

What God would have us be there,

His Presence where we are,

In each and every moment,

His point of light, His star,

That radiates His Love, there,

That heals and makes all new,

That shares a common purpose,

To all we say and do.

God’s meaning lies within you,

Not far away, nor bound,

In complicated language,

But easily it’s found. 

Come to Me, my dear one,

Ask Me to show you how,

To let this Love flow through you,

It’s there for you right now.

God’s meaning has a purpose,

Fulfillment is its cause,

For it will bring completion,

So now, please take a pause.

Quiet your thinking mindset,

Let separation go,

Ask Me to be there with you.

To open up the flow,

Of Living Love, God’s meaning,

What joy you will find here,

As we move together,

As One, with purpose clear, 

To be what God so wills us,

To answer to His call,

And find complete fulfillment,

With Him, who is the All.

I cannot do it for you,

Free will is yours to use,

I offer to you what is true,

And know you’ll righty choose.

To come within right to Me,

And open up your heart,

To Living Love’s true meaning,

As One we’ll never part.

There is no greater calling,

There is no finer way,

The answer lies within you,

I’m here, right now, this day. 


1/4/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.