Mission to be point of love right where you are...

Friday, January 6, 2023

Living in tune to the Voice for Truth, we go forth with mighty assurance, that we are on track in our lives. No dissonance accompanies us as we feel the surety of forward movement with spiritual guidance. A peaceful outlook is ours and one that carries with it, joyous expectancy. We are not anxious about the day and what unfolds, for no judgement is there to make us feel guilty.We move freely and with intention to be open and follow the lead which is given to us.  

Our mission is to be that point of love and light right where we are.  This mission is not imposed or put on as an act, but felt truly to be who we really are. God’s meaning, His love light, radiates through us, bringing healing, redemption, and renewal to all that we encounter.  Each one is a change agent for good, a Presence of transformative love  energy, blessing all.  How good to know our lives are not random and separate with no function or purpose but just to exist there.  We are connected to our Source always, dear one, as we choose to open to our Oneness. 

If these words seem as wishful thinking or far removed from what you are experiencing, do not dismay and assume you are left behind. Dear one, turn to Me and I will clear the way for you to have this noble and truthful outlook on your life. I will clear the way for your return to whom and what you really are. It is in undoing the false and harmful ideas that have been incorporated into how you view life that I will seek to have you let go of. These form the ‘veil,' the ‘glass  darkly’ through which we see, of which the Bible speaks, dear one, which needs to be cleared for the shining light of truth of who you are to come forth. Join with Me today and let us carry on with this cleaning and clearing of the defenses of the ego mindset.  I love you dearly and know that you are never alone.   

Your Life’s God’s Great Unfolding 

You emanate from God, there,

And what He is you are,

Filled with His same meaning,

Love’s light, through you, His star.

Your not a solo being, 

Alone, to sort it out,

I’m there and with you always,

And love’s what it’s about. 

You’re on a great adventure, 

Each day will feel brand new,

Your life’s God’s great unfolding,

Unfolds right there, as you

You’ll come to know what’s true, there,

God moves with you as One, 

All are involved, connected,

As light rays from the sun. 

Unfolding and great gifting,

You’ll give and you’ll receive,

God moves through you expressing, 

His will. Trust and believe! 

Your Mind, with Me, well joined, dear,

Aligns with transcendency,

Pouring forth God’s radiance,

Love’s brilliant energy.

No matter what unfolds, dear,

Whether big or small,

Your life’s filled with God’s purpose,

His Love, that blesses All. 

My hand is holding yours, dear,

The steps we take well known,

I love you and will guide you,

You are not alone! 



1/6/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others about this website.