Remember who you really are...

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

To join with inner guidance, with Me, does not mean you give up your own identity. Truly, it means you come into who you are authentically as you were created. Here, as you join with the Transcendent, life unfolds with simplicity, order, and originality. You no longer feel estranged from your world but see it truly as your home, with all that is necessary to live a rich and full life of abundance. As you open more and more to the living love that is there, that is who you really are, this energy heals, redeems, and transforms you to the original of how God created you.

Gone are the defenses and the fears that hold you hostage to  a mind set of fear, tyranny, division, and hatred there. Gone is the idea that this world is a hostile place, filled with evil ones out to take advantage of you however they can. Your mind, when joined with Me or your own spiritual guide, feels at peace and is open to the influx of knowing ideas and understanding and love that your Source, your Father/Mother God would have you experience. 

Best of all, you are aware of the inner relationship we have which brings great joy to you and takes away the isolation of the separated mind set.  You realize that this is not a mindset imposed on you, but it is who you really are and what you thought you were was a fallacy, a made up thing, a fear based reaction to being cut off or separated from your Source as your culture programmed you to be from birth, the way the separated world views life. 

You realize that God moves as a Wholeness and that All are your brothers and sisters there . We move as a family here on the planet. All are impacted by how you hold your mind as it is Universal Mind moving as One. You are God’s point of love and light right where you are. Open to it dear on open to it!  I love you dearly and know that you are never alone. 

Remember Who You Are

It takes dedication,

To turn your mind to Me, 

To find direct alignment,

Release obscurity. 

The habitual separation,

The ‘go it alone’ mentality,

Poses as who you are there,

Says this is normality. 

Remember who you are, dear,

At One, with Source. with Me, 

Your mind’s at home when joined there,

Here’s where you’re meant to be. 

Here’s where you’ll find your truth, dear, 

Where joy and love are found,

Where you’ll find your dearest friend, 

You’re now on solid ground. 

When forward movement stopped, there, 

Doubt and division fill the air,

You’re coming from separation,

Your ego’s jumped in there.  

Just say ‘no’ to ego, 

That false identity,

Then turn your mind to Me, dear, 

You’ve found your certainty. 

Dedicate your life there,

To listening to Me,

Then follow where love leads us,

God’s light, we’ll gladly be. 

We’ll rapture in great joy, dear,

How happy we will be,

Your identity is certain,

With God, as One, are we. 


1/10/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.