Specifically For You

Friday, March 31, 2023

Specifically for You

When you quiet your thinking mindset,

And ask to join with Me,

The guidance that I give you,

Is for you, specifically.

I know your situation,

All aspects, all involved,

The next steps that I give you,

Help your problems to be solved.

Not platitudes of wisdom,

Nor generalities,

But exactly what is needed,

To set your mind at ease.

Your part is just to trust there,

To stay in touch with Me, 

Keep your mindset open,

Hold it expectantly.

The outcome that unfolds, dear,

May be different, oh so new,

Let the answer sink in deeply,

Its perfection there, for you! 

You’ll shake your head in disbelief,

A miracle has come!

You know without a bit of doubt,

It’s God, this answer’s from. 

Let Me say specifically,

It’s you that I adore,

Specifically, I tell you,

You are so much more!

You are a child of God, dear,

A direct inheritor,

Living love’s your meaning, 

More miracles, in store!

Stay listening to My words, dear,

They relate specifically, 

We move as One together,

God’s Will, our destiny!

03/31/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.