A Kindly Word Well Spoken

Friday, April 21, 2023

A Kindly Word Well Spoken

A kindly word well spoken,

Is worth its weight in gold, 

’Twill lighten’s ego’s density,

And help release its hold.

Reaching out to another,

Showing that you care,

Could be a life preserver,

To one who’s suffering there.

You may not know the impact,

Of what you’ve said or done,  

But trust that kindness given,

Will truly help that one. 

Each one that you encounter,

Is an aspect of the Whole,

A part of God’s Great Family,

One Love, One Heart, One Soul.

Each one, a sister, brother,

View not as stranger there, 

Ask Me how to help this one, 

To heal, renew, repair.  

We’ll trust the power of living love,

Its meaning is to heal,

Letting separation go, 

God’s Wholeness to reveal. 

A kindly word, a gentle touch,

A helping hand held out, 

Listen to what love brings forth, 

What love is all about! 

Your heart will sing with gladness, 

So happy you will be, 

You’ve helped, you’ve made a difference,

Love’s joy brings ecstasy!

So listen for My guidance,

Each and every day,

So we can help another, 

By following God’s way! 

04/21/23. Inspired by Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.