Intention of listening always...

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

From Turn Within to Love

Chapter 75 Intention of listening, always…

Move forward lovingly with the intention of listening always. There is much that will unfold for you that will seem as unrelated to your mission, and which seems as extraneous and as incidental, there. 

Now the incidental things are not that, for the movement includes much that you are not aware of. That thing, that event that seems minor, may be significant for another, one that you do not even know. Therefore, you must trust that what unfolds is truly of value and not to be dismissed as irrelevant. We can tell you that the way to move forward always, is to listen and follow and find anew the Voice for Truth at each choice point. 

You are brought to this place of attention as you abandon your inclination to go along and come along and follow the way the enculturated mindset would have you. Therefore, you must be willing to trust that the way of seemingly perplexing guidance is given with the big picture, the whole picture in mind. 

We would say that the need to listen brings with it the need to follow and the willingness to set aside what may seem to be obvious steps to take. You will find that trust is called for more and more and that leaning into the Voice for Truth is the way. Leaning into and waiting quietly for the next steps is what is called for. You see, we have the knowledge of what is truly transpiring in your situation there and we have the view from the transcendent as ours. 

There is reason to rejoice in this as it allows you to give up the impossible task you would otherwise undertake, only to fail and to gain nothing there. The task your culture sets up are put in place to further the ego mindset and to further the way of the culture and the economy and the government entities that would have you marching to the tune of its/their empowerment. 

Truly, this is not the way you must live, if indeed, you would come into the truth of you! For you are an authentic one and you are not meant to give over your own movement, your sense of self to what is only a trap for you. Let your mind set be open to receive and let your intention be one of following your inner guidance. Truly this is the way for perfect unfolding. Let in and allow, dear one, for indeed,we are One. 

The Power of Intention

Your intention is the leading edge,

Intend to live with Me,

Intend to face what e’re unfolds,

Joined with Transcendency.

Intend for Me to guide you,

Listen for what I say,

I’m here to open up the door,

God’s love will light our way. 

Intend to hear and follow,

I’ll guide you to what’s true,

Moving to what God so wills,

His meaning there for you.

We’ll set the tone within, dear, 

You’ll know you’re not alone,

You’re joined with One who loves you,

My comfort so well known. 

The power of intention,

Grows with use, you see, 

’Til laser-like its focus, 

To only live with Me. 

None else will satisfy you,

Your hunger to commune, 

Together, with each other, 

A constant honeymoon! 

Intend to open to Me, 

Each moment of each day,

I’m yours now and forever, 

As One, we live, God’s way.


04/26/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.