Involvement Not Limited

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Involvement Not Limited

My involvement is unlimited,

Always I am there,

Necessary only that you ask Me in

For Me to guide, to share.

Don’t limit our involvement,

To times you feel adrift,

Or times your facing challenges,

Or just to feel uplift.

The everyday situations, 

I’m there to share with you, 

The smallest of minutia,

 I care about that, too! 

Whatever you encounter,

You need face it not, solo, 

I’m there to share it with you,

I’ll point The Way to go. 

You see, we’re intertwined as One, 

Transcendent Mind our view,

When you join and ask Me in, 

God’s meaning comes on through.

This meaning flows as living love,

Its function to renew, 

Transforming, healing, making right,

This joined mind’s truly you!

So let us live as One, dear,

Each moment of each day,

Living life authentically,

This is Creator’s Way!

04/19/23. Inspired by Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others about this website.