Living out from your Wholeness...

Monday, April 3, 2023

From Turn Within to Love

Chapter 65  Living out from your Wholeness…

Search within and know that I am there for you. Seek and you will find the answer to your questing. To know the answer is to know the meaning of your life and to know the method of moving forward there. In truth, here lies the place of connection to whom and what you really are and here lies the joining with the fullness, the Wholeness of you. 

As these words sink in and as you let them penetrate through the miasma of separation, you will then want to include the Whole of you in living and you would not think of moving forward or doing something or thinking something without the fullness of you included in the decision, that choice. Why would you live a partial and haphazard way that can only bring you into a chance way, a slippery slope of living that can either bring you down or cause an unbalanced decision to be made? 

The reason you would choose this way is only because of ignorance that there is another way there. The reason you have not known of this way is that you have been taught from your earliest years to be self sufficient and to base your decisions on what the culture deems as best and what has been proved scientifically there. You have been told that you should follow what has been proven tried and true and will bring you the accolades of your others there. 

But this may not be the way for you, for it high-jacks your integrity and it moves you into the place of following the crowd, the enculturated way there. We can tell you that your movement forward will be unique and will be felt as truly what will give you fulfillment there. As you access your Wholeness you will bring the intelligence of the Creator to bear on your decisions and you will know that there could never be another way ever to live. Time and time again you will feel the “right on” feeling of this way to live and time and time again you will see the benefits that result from living in connection. Many will benefit and many will find the forward movement as a result of your coming out from your Wholeness. 

You are truly not alone as you live dear one, and we can tell you that we are with you always. Let this chapter on living out from your Wholeness be meaningful to you and may you abide with us always. We are there for you and we have a powerful and dynamic movement for you there as you do so listen and follow. You are never alone there ever, for indeed, we are One. 

Creator’s Way

The mind of separation,

So habituated there,

Will lead you to live fear-based,

Feeds hopelessness, despair.

‘Twill judge you as unworthy,

Will point out all that’s wrong,

Will want to chill your happiness,

Will chant a lonely song. 

Ego is a made-up thing,

Has no foundation there,

A set of defensive strategies—

Essentially hot air. 

Your Authentic Mind is joined, dear,

Transcendence is what’s true,

Joined with its Creator Source,

God’s meaning flows on through.

You have the choice to make, dear,

Free will’s God’s gift for you,

Choose to join within to Me,

I’ll guide you to what’s true. 

You’ll find life much more peaceful,

Alone no more, you’ll roam,  

God’s love will heal, redeem you,

Find joy, with Me, you’re home. 

The Solidarity of Oneness,

For God is One in All,

Means that you have completeness,

Please answer to my call.

I’m calling you to join Me,

Every hour of each day,

Joy will fill your heart, dear,

This is Creator’s Way! 

Alone no more nor hopeless,

I’m here to see you through,

Now’s the time to choose, dear,

I’m waiting here for you. 


04/03/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.