Call is to listen always...

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

From Turn Within To Love

Chapter 92    Call is to listen always…

Now there is a call for real focus in your mission and in your life. Many things will intrude on your forthright mission and many things will seem as important for you, but in all ways the call is to focus on what you are hearing from guidance. 

We can tell you that you are moving forward there and you are moving with the love of your Source, abiding with you, as you. This love is so powerful in its ability to set things right and to harness the disparate ways your ego mind, your separated sense of self will divert you. 

As you turn inward and listen and as you are given the next steps there, you will find much needed help and you will find that the call is to move forward with the intention of ongoing listening and following. 

We can tell you that this is the way forward, dear one, truly this is the way forward there. Do not feel that you are giving over what is your identity, nor your own sense of self as an individual, but see yourself as an aspect of the Whole, as you identifiable as you there. Not as a mass movement but as you identifiable and fully known to us. You were created as an identifiable one there and we work with you as an identifiable one. But you must see yourself as emanating from Source and having Source as your place of inspiration.

Not as one who imagines what life is like, nor as one who works at a project or a situation that is generated from your own thinking, but rather as you, coming into guidance and moving forward from this place of ease, this place of truth, and this place of the reality of you. 

No fabrication here, dear one, truly no fabrication here. We see you and we see what needs to be done there and what needs to be brought forth. We see those who would be impacted and we see those who will benefit from your gifts. Now the call is to listen always and follow what is given to you. 

As you do, the great unfolding will occur and the movement forward will occur. We can tell you, that as you do this, the releasing of layers of delusion will occur and you will begin to see clearly. Let your life be felt as a movement from Source, created and sustained from Source, and answering to Source. You are never alone, dear one, truly you are never alone . 

A Mighty Gifting

Your life’s a great unfolding,

Each day it opens more,

To what God will’s for you, dear, 

To what He has in store.  

A mighty gifting’s waiting, 

’Twill mean so much to you,

To know your work is valued,

Fills minds with what is true. 

The works that you’ve put forth there,

The words put forth from Me,

Like seeds upon the fertile ground,

Will grow most furtively. 

You may not be around then.

You will have left this plane,

But long after you’ve departed,

The books and poems remain.

They’ll serve to light the way, dear,

They point the way within,

For others to discover Me,

Our joining can begin. 

Directly I’m available,

Not in a far off place,

Just ask and I will answer,

You’re met with love and grace.

We’ve done this now for years, dear,

The message stays so true,

That I’m directly here inside,

Your Best Friend coming through. 

The last chapter of your life, dear,

You’ll be no more obscure, 

I’ll be right there beside you,

Held with My love secure. 

We’ll face each day together,

Let living love pour through,

You’ll have the strength to carry on,

Until your time is through.  

In closing let Me tell you,

What you so well have known,

I love you, hold you, dearly,

You are not alone. 


05/31/23.  Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others about this website.