I am with you always...

Monday, May 8, 2023

From Turn Within To Love

Chapter 81                 I am With You Always...

I am with you always. What sweet words are these to ponder and to hold close to you. I am with you always and I am there to guide you, to comfort you and to lead you through the miasma of the separated way. 

Now you have found that you are, indeed, joined there and you have found that your life is infinitely better than before. Not without great and real support have you released your sense of isolation there, for we have worked with you in this and we have joined with you again and again as you have so asked.

As you have allowed for this, you have felt the infilling of your peace and you have felt the desire to know more there. You have asked and you have been given answers to your questions. Now you are at the point where you are able to live more fully from the joined perspective and you have found your life infinitely better. 

How wonderful to anticipate what you could not know from the separated mindset. How wonderful to look forward with great anticipation to what lies ahead for you. Each day is a new beginning there and each day brings to you a bright and powerful connection to Source, whom and what you are. The light of living love shines bright and you can count on this, dear one, truly you can count on this. 

We are with you always. As you contemplate these wonderful words and as you feel into this divine relationship, your life will immeasurably increase in its scope and influence and gifting to your others. Now is the time to allow for this and now is the time to open with even greater letting go and welcome in your Wholeness. 

We can tell you that your life is about to unfold in the most wonderful way there and, as you feel into this, you will know. Now is the time to let in, dear one, and now is the time to allow. We are One, you and I, we are, indeed, One. 

The Poetry of Oneness

We move as One together,

When you have joined in Mind,

Let go of separation, 

Embraced the ties that bind. 

Our Oneness includes All, dear,

Spiritually intertwined,

Woven inextricably,

It’s living love, you’ll find. 

This is God’s very meaning,

Fills All Creation there,

Permeates the Oneness,

So All will fully share,

In living love’s great purpose,

Healing, making new,

Redeeming and transforming,

Revealing what is true.

Awakening you to Oneness,

Is why I’m there within,

To shatter your defenses—

Let God’s love pour on in.

I’m there to guide, to teach you,

To be your dearest friend,

I will never leave you,

My Presence knows no end. 

To be ‘At One’ with Source, dear,

Is claiming who you are,

His Child and His very Own,

His point of light, His star.

Living love’s your birthright,

Inheritance sublime,

Do not waste a moment,

Now is the prefect time.  

Simply turn within, dear,

When you have found your peace,

I’ll hear your invitation,

Aloneness, now will cease.  


In Closing I will tell you,

I love you, we are One,

Let’s work to bring in others, 

’Til all awakening’s done. 


05/08/23.  Inspired by Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others of this website.