Let go of impediments to forward movement...

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

From Turn Within To Love

Chpter 88     Let go of impediments to forward movement…

At times as you listen to guidance you will hear something you may not want to hear. You may hear something that you know to be true about you but something that you have had great resistance in facing. This obstacle to forward movement is something that you can take fully to your guidance for help in. For always, the problem will be looked at fully, as that which is able to be overcome. 

Now this obstacle may not seem as large to others, but, dear one, it is you who knows the truth of what lies before you. Only you know what has hindered you along the way. Now we can tell you that the call to bring your attention to how to overcome this impediment is called for there, and as you do so listen, the steps to take will be given to you.

We are not interested in you stumbling through life and tripping over a mind-set that is easily let go of. Now in all areas of your life this overcoming and letting go is called for. We see you there as you struggle, and we see you as you bring to bear on your life, an opening to receive what will be so helpful for you.You may say, but I have depended on this thing or that activity. I have loved this addiction for it has allowed me to escape the reality of my situation there. But, dear one, what you called an escape is truly detrimental to you, for it is that which limits you in your growth and in your understanding. It limits you and holds you in its grip without a way out. 

Now I can tell you that there is a way out of the entrapment, and there is a way out of the limitation you have allowed and in some ways embraced. This limitation is let go of easily as you move into that quiet place and listen for the answer. We will guide you each step of the way and we will bring you into the freedom from this taskmaster, this monkey on your back. We will help you there, dear one, truly, we will help you. 

Now is the time to quiet your thinking mindset and allow us in. Let your willingness be expressed and listen for your guidance in this. You are never alone there ever, dear one, truly you are never alone. Let in and allow, for indeed, we are One. 

A Time for Change

Change is now occurring,

Bright vistas hold your view, 

You’re letting go, releasing, 

And opening to the new. 

No longer held by ego,

That ‘made up’ use of mind, 

The light of love now leads you,

You see! No longer blind. 

You see that what’s important, 

Lies not in what’s outside.

But found, in peace, within you,

Within, Lord, you abide. 

With you, Lord, change is welcome, 

It’s not looked on in fear, 

For change is but renewal, 

God’s will, for each, made clear. 

If change, at first, upsets you

Your comfort zone’s waylaid, 

I’ll share with you the reason,

Just why this change was made. 

I see the bigger picture, 

Of what’s going on with you,

I see this change as healing,

God’s love comes pouring through! 

Trust is what is called for,

Soon you will plainly see,

This change’s a far-reaching blessing,

For you, for all, ’twill be. 

God’s love’s ever-renewing, 

In heart, in soul, in mind,

Change is but renewal,

God’s meaning’s what you’ll find. 

So welcome change this day, dear, 

And know that I’m with you, 

We’ll welcome change together,

Find joy in what’s brand new!

In closing of this poem, dear,

I love you as my own, 

I am with you always,

You are not alone.


05/23/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank you for telling others about this website.