Let's Wake A Sleeping World

Saturday, May 20, 2023

Let’s Wake A Sleeping World

Caught in separation,

Minds are fast asleep,

Unaware they’re all connected, 

Their ignorance runs deep.

Choosing for separation

Defenses  came into play, 

As fear drove self protection,

Innocence lost its way.

The world needs to wake up,

To slough off ego’s spin,

To claim its true identity,

Find God right there within

The truth that all are spiritual,

In God, our matrix found,

Issuing forth from Source there, 

As One, we’re Spirit bound. 

He created you not as solo,

’Twas you who parted ways,

Until you ‘get’ you’re not alone, 

You’ll sleepwalk in a daze.

You’ve always been connected,

Shake off your blinded sight, 

Turn within and ask for Me,

Wake Up! Let in the light!

Let the separated mindset,

A system of defense, 

Be gone like ice that’s melted.

 Now joined, let life commence! 

Let those who live united,

Help wake up all the rest, 

To move our planet forward,

In Love’s Eternal Quest.

In closing, I can tell you,

Alone you’ll never be, 

I’m with you and I love you,

In peace, you are with Me. 

05/20/2023. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.