Life meant to be one of joy...

Saturday, May 6, 2023

From Turn Within To Love

Chapter 80  Life meant to be one of unabashed joy…

Do not dismiss what you are reading as inconsequential to you and do not dismiss this writing as of little importance to your life there. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of what is written here to your well-being and your forward movement. 

There is such meaning to be had in your life and there is much meaning to be experienced as you allow for the penetration of the divine to be made known to you. How wonderful to feel into the closeness and the connectedness of your Wholeness, your spiritual brothers and sisters, who exist with you on the spiritual side of things. How wonderful to experience these ones as co-creators with you and there to bring to you happiness and prosperity, joy and fulfillment.

Your life is truly meant to be one of unabashed joy, dear one, and it is meant to be one of great significance to your others there. We can tell you that you are opening to understand this and to feel into this much more. As the days and weeks pass and as you continue in your turning inwards, you will find the clearing away of the mind-set of separation and the delightful company of others who exist with you who are open to their Wholeness. 

I can tell you that this will happen sooner than you can know, and soon the great miasma will dissipate and the fundamental truth of life will come forth, shining bright and clear in the dawn of a new day. Soon the light of living love will penetrate through and clear away the darkness and despair that can only come from separation there. 

You are not alone there, dear one, truly you are not alone there ever. We are with you and we are urging you to quiet your thinking mind-set and turn inward. I await your call and I long to bring you into the fold of those who know. Now is the time to do this and now is the time to let in. 

All is well there and all is awaiting your nod to go ahead with allowing the infilling to occur. We are here and we will not let you go alone there to the destiny of an isolated and separate one. Truly, we will not let you go. And so in closing, turn quietly inward and ask, and indeed, we will be there for you always. Now is the time, now is the time. 

Joined With Joy

Listen for My Voice for Truth,

As you proceed this day,

Stay joined with your Transcendence,

Great joy, with you, will stay.

Deeper than a feeling,

Joy brings with it, release,

From ego’s fretful chiding,

Your fears, they do surcease.

Ebullient joy arises,

As you join with Me, 

Happy in our Oneness, 

Your heart beats blissfully.

A rhythm of contentment,

Love and peace abound,

Joined as One together,

With Source, pure joy is found. 

Deeply joy abideth,

Always joy is there,

Foundational, its presence,

It spills out everywhere. 

A gift that keeps on giving,

Our Oneness is the key,

For as we join together,

Joy finds its place in ‘we.’ 

In closing, let Me tell you,

Today, such joy we’ll share,

Blissful in our Oneness,

Invite Me in, I’m there.


05/06/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.