Opening to Mission ...

Saturday, May 27, 2023

From Turn Within To Love

Chapter 90.   Opening to Mission …

Now is the time to allow for divine intervention in your life. There is reason to place your trust in this intervention and allow for the changed perception that will make transformation possible. There is a call for changed perception there and there is a call for much needed help. 

You have a mission to give and you have a calling there that is magnificent in its gifting to others. Now the time to give your gifts is approaching and the time to bring forth all that is there to bring forth is imminently waiting for you to proceed. 

You are met with many on the other side who are working with you and are eager to bring the flow of the gifting into being there. Eager to bring the flow into being and into the light of day as the transformation continues there. 

You are not alone there ever, dear one, truly you are not alone there ever. As you come to realize that the time to give your gifts is now and that the call is for transformation of your perception and transformation of your mind-set which will open to you a vista of gifting of vast proportions there. 

Now is the time to allow for this and now is the time to let the movement forward begin. You see, in order for you to give your gift you must be willing to put it out there fully. You must be willing to put it out there and trust that the Holy Spirit will work mightily there with you and guide you in all that will come. You are not alone there ever to go it alone, nor experience the isolation of one wandering in the wilderness. No, always you will be guided there and always, you will find the love that is transforming, available to you. 

Now is the time to let in and now is the time to begin this greatest of gifting there. Your mission is significant, dear one, and it is time to give the gift. We are there for you always, and we see the need for the opening to receive there. We see the need now. Let us stay in touch and in tune with guidance and see how the gifting unfolds for you. Open to receive what is coming forth and stay tuned to the marvelous and significant gifting there for you. Never alone, dear one, truly never alone. All is well, all is well. We love you there, truly. We love you there and see you as our own. 

Let this chapter on “Opening to Mission” be read again and again as it will reinforce to you the importance of what is said. I love you and that is the truth of it. 

Mission Most Important

Waste not your precious time, dear,

Let not intention fade,

Place mission most important,

 It’s where your destiny is made.

Join fresh with me each morning, 

Restate your intention clear, 

Then listen closely there within,

So that you will hear.

More than an open vessel,  

You must actively pursue,

Your full participation,

Will bring your mission through.  

Not time to settle in there,

To watch the roses grow,

You have a gift to bring, dear,

So others, too, will know. 

‘Tis a joint adventure,

Co-creating true,

In Mind comes forth the answers,

Transcendence coming through. 

So feel not overwhelmed, dear,

Just join and call on Me, 

Living love will lead us,

To where your light should be. 

Trust that I am with you,

So that you can do your part,

In telling others I’m right within, 

To give each a brand new start. 

Let your attention and intention,

Move us forward every day,

Living love our beacon,

Will light our path God’s way!


05/27/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others about this website.