To Help Another

Sunday, May 28, 2023

To Help Another

To help another is a wonderful thing,

A God-filled, worthy goal,

Love flowing through the giver,

Will revitalize the soul. 

Realization, like a dawning,

Comes strikingly clear and true,

Each one you help is One with God,

Each One, a part of you. 

To love and help another,

Best done, when joined with Me, 

I’ll guide you in the giving,

’Twill bless beyond what you can see.

Another realization,

Comes to you, so clear, 

You are God’s point of light right there,

The reason why you’re here! 

So in helping, you fulfill your purpose,

Simply turn to Me, 

Together we will give your gift,

Fulfilled, in joy, you’ll be! 

Yes, it may require effort, 

An expenditure of funds and time, 

But you will reap the harvest, 

Love’s fulness, so sublime. 

Stay open to My input,

For how to help and who, 

I’ll guide you most specifically,

To bring God’s love on through. 

In closing let Me tell you, 

What you so well have known,

I love you and I’m with you,

You are not alone. 

05/28/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.