To Love and Help Another

Monday, May 1, 2023

To Love and Help Another

To be a loving presence, 

May be hard to do,

Love may not be easy,

Requires a-lot from you.  

Both physically and mentally,

May financially be a drain,

Helping one you love, there,

May cause some hurt, some pain. 

It may be a spouse or neighbor,

A daughter or a son,

Calling out for help there—

Truly, in need, this one.

I see what you are going through,

 I’m with you there, each day,

By letting love flow through you, 

You’re shedding light, God’s way!

The effect your help is having,

Impacts more than you can see, 

Spreads throughout the Whole, dear,

It’s felt universally! 

Know that we’re together,

As One, we’ll do our part,

To love and help this other, 

And joy will fill each heart.

You’ll feel our deep connection,

The deepest intimacy,

Never again to be alone, 

Entwined, as One, with Me!

Remember that this other, 

Is truly One with you,

So what you give you will receive,

God’s Oneness, dear, is true. 

In closing,‘twill be living love,

‘Twill heal, redeem, renew, 

Open up to Me, dear,

And love will pour on through! 

05/01/23. Inspired by Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others of this website.