Urgently and with utmost attention i work with you...

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

From Turn Within To Love

Chapter 85  Urgently and with utmost attention I work with you…

Stay focused on listening to your inner guidance. Here, in that quiet place within, I await your call. Here I await your call and your inquiries there and I await your willingness to listen for what comes forth. 

Ready to assist you and ready to bring to you relationship of real worth, I await your opening to receive, and your curiosity to understand fully whom and what you really are. 

As you have now come to this point in the book you have understood that the necessity is to let go of your ego mindset, your separated sense of self, and move inward to that quiet place within where you are joined with yourWholeness. You are joined and you are met with the multitudes who exit with you on the spiritual side of things, the reality of things as you live. 

For the spiritual is the reality of you, dear one. Now you will understand this more and more as you allow for the penetration of the divine to enter in and to illumine you with the truth of you. How wonderful for you to have this ongoing experience as you realize that there is so much more for you to know of there. 

You see, you are not alone as you live, truly, you are not alone as you live. You are always joined with me, and with your guide, and with those who are working with you to open you to the truth of life here. Urgently and with the utmost intention we are working with you. Urgently and patiently we work there to open you to what can only be called the reality of you, the truth of life.

I can tell you that you are not alone ever, dear one. Truly, you are not alone there ever. You are met with the ongoing involvement of those who love you and hold you in their embrace, their love,  and their ardent attention. 

To know that you are not alone and to know that you are loved is such a boon and such a blessing! To know that in all that occurs you have your Allness there to share and embrace, there for you to love and to open to. We are there for you always, dear one. 

Our attention is not sporadic but always there as you do so let us in. Now is the time to open to receive and now is the time to let go of that which is only an illusionary mindset, a made up thing of ideas impelled into you from eons of misunderstanding. You must realize that you are not separate to live as an independent one, nor as one who can decipher the truth without joining. 

The truth can never be known through the methods that have been engaged in as real there, for they are always based on the physical reality as the only reality. Until the spiritual is embraced and allowed to enter in and be counted as real, nothing will hold water in your world, and so we urge you to let your mindset be quieted. Find the peace of your being and discover the truth of your life, that you are joined always with the Whole of you. Never alone, dear one, truly, never alone. 

My Dedicated Presence

My dedicated presence

Devoted there for you,

Has a single purpose,

To let God’s love shine through. 

You see, love in the answer,

Its function to renew,

It heals, redeems, transforms there, 

God’s will, thereby, comes true. 

Dedication and steadfastness,

To open up your mind, 

To illuminate your truth there,

Your identity to find. 

No matter your resistance,

To letting Me come in, 

I’m here to go the distance, 

So real love can begin. 

You see, I miss you dearly,

When alone, you choose to roam,

I hunger for our unity,

As One, with Me, you’re home.

You see, I’m not a quitter,

I’ll not abandon you,

My dedicated presence,

Stays firm, with love, so true. 

Can you take a chance there,

That what I say is true?

Find peace, then ask Me in, dear, 

I’m here, with love, for you! 


05/17/23 Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged and thank you for telling others about this website.