We are with you there..

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

From Turn within to Love

Chapter 82    We are with you there…

We are with you there and we see you as you read this. Now you are not without companions there, and you are not without those who are working mightily with you to bring you out of the dismal and dreary place of separation into the light of living love. 

I can tell you that you are met with the love of your Source and you are held as of infinite value. You are held as of inestimable worth as a part of the Whole there, without blemish, nor without the horrors that you think you may have done there. 

We see you as a perfect one and as that which is waking up there. We see you as waking up from the sleep of ignorance into the light of living love which is the place of your Wholeness there. We see you and we are there to guide you through the miasma of the illusions you so think are the real world there. Truly, you are caught in a web of deceit as you have listened to the subtle and seemingly innocent incantations of your ego to deploy you from finding inner peace there. 

Now your ego is not a real presence, dear one, but it is truly a defense system or set of strategies that have as their intent to undermine your peace and to bring you into the place of false understanding. Ultimately, you ego defense system would have you give up and die and succumb to its tirades. 

We can tell you that life is the real reason for your guidance to be there. Life and awakening to what this life truly is. Awakening to the very foundation of whom and what you are. You see, dear one, you are a direct inheritor, always. You are a direct inheritor and you are met with the love that heals all and sets things in perfect order there. You are this love and as you open to it, you will find the joy and the forward movement given to you to embrace and to find as the truth of you. 

Let your curiosity be felt and your willingness to allow for guidance to be heard there. You are not alone there ever, dear one, for indeed, we are One. 

Never Alone Ungrounded

Claim not your independence,

No virtue will this bring,

Dependence on My guidance, 

Brings truth to everything. 

Your separated mindset,

A system of defense,

Claims it, alone, is real there,

Says Spirit Guide’s nonsense. 

This ego has no roots there, 

It feeds on fear and doubt,

Slings forth its cunning strategy, 

Claims it, alone, has clout.  

Remember it’s not real there,

A fabricated thing,

Made up of your defenses,

When fear rules as your king. 

Dismiss this made up system,

By turning right to Me, 

It will whimper out, dear, 

Its nothingness you’ll see. 

You’re not meant to be solo,

Not meant, alone, to live,

For I am with you always, 

My love to you I give.

Love is the binding agent,

For you, for Me, for all,

God’s meaning fills creation, 

Respond, dear, to My call. 

Love’s the light that leadeth,

God’s meaning shows the way,

That All are One in Spirit,

Inclusiveness rules the day. 

Turn to Me right now, dear,

I’m here and bound, so true,

Never alone, ungrounded,

Pure love, entwined with you!


 05/10/23. Given from Jesus. Sharing is encouraged, and thank-you for telling others of this website.