~ So That You May Know ~

These are written

From ONE Who Loves You

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   As given to

   The Listening Scribe

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I’m Listening, Lord

I’m listening, Lord, to what you say,

For truth is what you bring,

To a world held captive by a lie,

By fear, the ego’s sling.

You tell us that we need not fear,

Nor live as though alone,

That we should go forth trusting,

That all our needs are known.

The need for Love to enter,

To heal and make All Whole,

The need for one another,

For we are One Great Soul.

One Heart, One Body, and One Mind,

Our Source moves as this One,

God’s Meaning felt throughout the Whole,

Radiant, like the sun.

Living Love’s the meaning,

Renewal is its goal,

Awakening All to Oneness,

Healing, making Whole.

I’m listening, Lord, to what you say,

Your truth is what I hear,

Your Peace and joy now fill me up,

Replacing ego’s fear.

Let us join as One together,

In Heart, and Soul, and Mind,

I am right there within you,

Turn here and you will find,

One who loves you dearly.

One who’s always there,

One who guides you forward,

And makes it deeply clear,

That you are not alone, dear,

For that could never be,

You are connected ever more.

Intertwined inextricably.

Thank you, Lord, for the truth you give,

For your Presence here with me,

I claim my Oneness with our Source,

The All, as family.

                                                                         3/20 2020







       Randi L. Jacobs began writing books dictated from Jesus, after what could be called experiences of transformation in her life. A clinical social worker by profession, Ms. Jacobs had observed  and worked with the deep problems people faced in their lives and those, she too, had faced. This divorced mother of two, who had sought refuge in physical relationships, realized that a  relationship she thought would provide the meaning in her life and the means to move forward was not to be.


       Crying out to God in despair, she asked, "If this relationship is not to happen, what is the meaning of my life?"  At that moment she was taken out of her body and felt herself hovering close to the ceiling.  As she returned to her body, she was told she had an important mission to give the world.  In utter astonishment, she realized that life was eternal, that she did exist beyond the physical reality she knew, and that now the doors were open to a greatly expanded understanding of what life was.

       Over the next few months she had many other experiences.  Most profound, was a revelation by a brilliant being who emerged before her, radiating love beyond anything she could have dreamed of, a million, no, a trillion times greater than any love she had known. Complete love, nothing but love!  At this moment, she knew that the nature of God, of life was love, and that everything was this love that she was too. 


      Now began a turning inward to meditation and to reading and studying A Course in Miracles which she had not heard of before, but which she found on a shelf in a book store and somehow it seemed to be important to read. 

      This amazing book laid out for her what she knew was the truth of life and provided answers she had so longed to know. Now she began a relationship with inner guidance, whom she was told was Jesus, and whom reassured her on a daily basis, mostly through journal writing at first, but then directly voiced in her mind, that what she was experiencing was real, and not a fabrication of her mind, not a delusion there.

      Many things were discussed with this guidance and all questions brought to Him.  She was told that she would write books, and that she would have as her mission, to tell others of the availability of guidance and of the relationship with Jesus, that was not off in the heavens to be experienced after death, but was available now, for each one to be transformed by, that hoping and having faith can be changed to direct experiencing and knowing this beloved one, called Jesus. 

     Never was she judged, nor given anything but loving support and encouragement. She was told to start her own publishing company called the Foundation for Transformation. She continues to write and publish and bring forth what I dictate to her. We are a team, she and I, and this is a co-joint venture in which we, together, will bring forth this wonderful message of connection to who and what we really are.   


Randi L. Jacobs