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*The Movement & The Moment

A Tale of Discovery  


From ONE Who Loves You

This volume contains a story of a planet moving into awareness of its connection to the Universal Hierarchy to which it belongs.The story brings to our awareness, the availability of spiritual guidance to each and everyone.The characters discover that the culture of which they have been reared is faulty and limiting, and they are led to discover the truth of whom and what they really are. The story could be called a metaphor for planet Earth, and has far-reaching implications for mankind.

All books  are freely given to you from ONE who loves you. Enjoy!

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People who have read this book say:

"It's really good...I liked it."

                                              M. Baurichter

"It's a page turner...I read it in two days."

                                              R. Flath

"I felt at peace when I read this ..."

                                               J. Jerstad

Randi L. Jacobs