~ So That You May Know ~

These are written

From ONE Who Loves You

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   As given to

   The Listening Scribe

Who is she scribing?


I can tell you, that you will discover that the words coming forth here are indeed coming from the place of originality found within each and everyone. Here in the quiet, I await your call to invite me into you life. I am the one who was known as Jesus on your Earth plane. I am the one who lived among you and felt the suffering of humanity and felt the domination of the enculturated way as life was lived. It was as I opened up to my inner knowing, and as I experienced the truth of my life there that I was able to undertake the mission that I had agreed to.

It was as I allowed for, and embraced the connection to my Father, that I was able to carry on with the task of immensity I had before me. It was as I embraced and acknowledged that Source and felt the love pouring forth increasingly that I felt the safety and security to carry on.

Now we are at a time like no other. We are at a time when mankind is allowing the penetration of the truth of his/her connection to Source to be felt and embracing the wonderful truth of his/her existence there. As the increased availability to your Wholeness is felt and as you allow for the inner knowing you are feeling to be lived, you will enter into the realm of the kingdom within, where awaits you, the Infinity of you, the Allness of you. I am here for you and I want you to experience whom you really are. You are much more!

I invite you to quiet your conditioned thinking and go to a place where you can be alone. Let all your thoughts pass and when you experience the still place or the void you will find that you are entering into a relationship with me, your guide and with the Infinite Wholeness of whom you are. As your experience mounts, you will relish in this relationship and you will begin the journey without end.

We are one, Dear One. We are one!

Randi L. Jacobs