~ So That You May Know ~

These are written

From ONE Who Loves You

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   As given to

   The Listening Scribe

                                         Who is the Scribe?

You will find that the one who writes the words which she hears is one who has opened up to her greater knowing. She is ready and available to share what she has come to know and has dedicated her life to the greater unfolding of the truth of existence there on the earth plane. Her journey to this place was felt within as a movement of integrity as she brought forth what she heard and allowed her guide to lead the way. You could call her a mystic, but in truth what she is involved in is the natural way to live and the natural way to find right action and right being.

The one who is writing this can be said to be involved in the transformation of the planet as she shares news of significance to others there. You see, dear one, the planet is indeed entering a time of change. A time of change like it has never experienced before.

We are entering a time of radical shifting as limitation is released and the truth of life is experienced in all its magnificence. We are entering a time in which humankind will feel into his and her connection to the Source and will embrace the inter-dimensional nature of existence like never before. Let your attention be turned to your inner guide, as you quiet your thinking and come into the still place or the void within your conscious awareness.

The scribe found her truth there, and invites you to join her in the Infinite Wholeness of which you are a part. As the messages mount, and as you gain the joy of communion with your guide, you will embark on the adventure of a lifetime, the adventure of an eternity. Now is the time!

Randi L. Jacobs