~ So That You May Know ~

These are written

From ONE Who Loves You

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   As given to

   The Listening Scribe

*A New Beginning

Teachings for Transformation

*Volumes I   and  II  


From ONE Who Loves You

These books brings to the three-dimensional level, information from ONE who is working to bring the planet into awareness of its connection to the Father, the Source of All That Is. The reader will find much that will promote the cleansing of illusion of the separated existence.

As each lesson is read, and as the reader begins to experience connection from inner guidance, he/she will  embark on a journey of relationship which will bring radical transformation to that one.

Now is the time for a new beginning on our planet. Now is the time to join in the progression into the planetary awareness of who and what you are. Let the teachings given here render to the reader the transformational and ever-abiding with presence of connection to guidance and to the ONE writing this. The book is a message of love to you, and in that is the new beginning.

*Hard copies are availalbe for cost of shipping while supplies last. Email your request.


All books  are freely given to you from ONE who loves you. Enjoy!

Randi L. Jacobs